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Event Cancellation & Liability Insurance

Event Cancellation & Liability Insurance

Plan big events without the financial risk.

Although one can plan every single detail of an event and have it under control, there are always unforeseen events that are still out of our control. In today’s world, one such big example is the current pandemic. The possibility of an event being cancelled is high, and the cost of such an outcome is always high. However, it doesn’t have to be, not if you get an event cancellation and liability insurance coverage that reimburses irrecoverable costs and expenses.

At Pinnacle Insurance, we’ve partnered with the best insurance providers in Dubai and UAE to get you the best Event Cancellation & Liability Insurance in Dubai to protect yourself financially in case something goes wrong, not just that, it’s also flexible to tailor to your requirements. If you would like to know more, kindly contact our insurance brokers today!

Event Cancellation & Liability Insurance
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Event Cancellation & Liability Insurance Coverage

Our Event Cancellation & Liability Insurance policy covers any irrecoverable costs and expenses that have been incurred or any loss of profit following an interruption, postponement, unforeseeable abandonment, or cancellation of an event. In addition, it also includes the reimbursement for advertising and sponsorship revenues, travel expenses, ticket sales, and venue costs.

Event Liability insurance policy also protects the event organizer from costly litigation, in the instance of damage to the venue or any personal injuries sustained at the event resulting from an any unforeseen circumstance.


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By being an insurance broker, it is crucial that we find the best plan for each of our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top insurance companies in Dubai. Whatever your insurance need is, we’ll have a plan for you! 

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