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Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Perfect insurance for your electronics

Electronic equipment’s have become an integral part of business, and some industries can’t run without it.  Getting them insured would make sure that you’ll be protected against any financial losses in any events of damage, loss, or theft. Our Electronic equipment Insurance policy coverage includes Audio-visual equipment, Computers, Laptops, Bio-Medical, Medical, Micro Processors, among others. 

At Pinnacle Insurance, we offer you the best Electronic equipment that is flexible and won’t break your bank either. Our Electronic equipment Insurance policy comes in 3 sections such as Material damage, External data Media, and Increased cost of working. Get in touch with our insurance brokers and they’ll assist you in choosing a policy(s) that’s fit for you. 

Electronic Equipment Insurance


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By being an insurance broker, it is crucial that we find the best plan for each of our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top insurance companies in Dubai. Whatever your insurance need is, we’ll have a plan for you! 

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    Electronic Equipment Insurance
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    Electronic Equipment Insurance Coverage

    Section I - Material Damage

    Material Damage coverage protects the insured electronic equipment against any unforeseen loss or damage.

    Section II - External data Media

    External Data Media coverage protects the data media which can be directly processed in an EDP system against any materially damaged. In such an event, including if it’s indemnifiable under section 1, the insured will be indemnified without exceeding the insured amount. 

    Section III - Increased cost of working

    Under this section, if any material damage indemnifiable under section 1 results in either a total or a partial interruption of operation of the respective equipment, the insured party will be indemnified from any additional expense sustained from the use of a substitute equipment. Applicable only up to a sum not exceeding the insured amount.

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