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Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance

Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance

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In construction, contractors need diversified insurance policies to ensure safety from unforeseen events. At Pinnacle Insurance, we provide Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance policy to do just that and more with our flexible insurance coverages that covers sudden physical loss or any damage to the items you insure and it’s repair or replacement.  

At Pinnacle Insurance, we’ve partnered with the best insurance providers in Dubai and UAE to get you the best and affordable Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance in Dubai that covers your requirements.  If you would like to know more, kindly contact our insurance brokers today!

Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance
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Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance Coverage

Our Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance policy covers any sudden and accidental external damage to the respective insured plant and machinery. This includes various types of equipment such as cranes, earthmovers, excavators, forklifts, shovels.

Applicable at construction sites whether at work, rest or even during maintenance operations.


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By being an insurance broker, it is crucial that we find the best plan for each of our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top insurance companies in Dubai. Whatever your insurance need is, we’ll have a plan for you! 

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