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Car Insurance

Motor Insurance

Perfect insurance for a smooth ride

Driving can be a joy for the most part, but unfortunately, it could be an occasional burden that leaves us with bills and claims that could prove to be quite the hassle. But wait, it doesn’t have to be, not with Pinnacle Insurance in Dubai

At Pinnacle Insurance, we offer you a wide range of motor insurance that will suit your requirements or the ones of your loved ones. Comprehensive covers, third party liability, and personal accident covers are only some motor insurance products that we offer. Interested in knowing how Pinnacle Insurance can secure you? Kindly reach out to our consultants. They’ll assist you in choosing a policy or customizing one that best suits your needs.


Insurance Partners

By being an insurance broker, it is crucial that we find the best plan for each of our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top insurance companies in Dubai. Whatever your insurance need is, we’ll have a plan for you! 

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    Car Insurance

    Types of Coverages

    Third Party Coverage

    Third party liability is an insurance policy that is mandated by the law of the United Arab Emirates. The third party liability insurance safeguards the insured party against any damages/injury to the third party whilst using the vehicle. Get a quote to know more about our third party liability insurance coverage. 

    Comprehensive Coverage

    Our comprehensive coverage insurance plan secures you, your family, your passengers and your vehicle against several damages or unfortunate uncertainties. To know more details about what our premium insurance plan covers, kindly fill the form so our contact  consultants can reach you. 

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      Your Questions. Answered.

      Most Asked Questions

      If you own a vehicle in the United Arab Emirates, you are legally required to insure it to successfully register or renew your vehicle.

      To be eligible to get motor insurance, we’ll require your:

      Driving License
      Emirates ID
      Last year’s sum insured(If comprehensive)
      Claims history for the last 3 years

      No, it’s not as the buyer will be required to buy a new policy. The seller can cancel the policy once sold with the proof the vehicle transfer, and then will be eligible to get the refund subject to nil claims and the duration of the policy. If the policy closes prior to the the expiring period, no refund will be available.

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